Hunter’s Gold Cider 330ml


A refreshing, balanced, real, natural cider. Hunter’s Gold was launched in 1988 and continues to be a favourite amongst chinas around the world!

Hunters is synonymous with family, friends and good times. Hunter’s is a premium, pure, thirst quenching natural cider that consistently delivers the ultimate refreshment. Hunters Cider is obviously dry, with a refreshing, distinctive crisp apple flavour. Hunters, refreshes like nothing on earth!

An iconic South African drink, Hunter’s Bottled Cider is a crisp apple cider. Every sip is pure refreshment, as the lively bubbles dance across your palate. Hunter’s Bottled Cider has cleverly crafted a bottled drink for every taste. The Dry and Gold are the classics, while Hard Lemon has a lemon twist.

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