Ron Zacapa Limited Edition 700ML


A 1 litre bottling of Ron Zacapa’s Edición Negra, which was originally released for the Travel Retail market. This has been aged in double charred American oak barrels, resulting in smoky elements coming through the thick brown sugar and chocolate notes.

For those looking for a more intense and daring flavour of rum straight from the natural elements of Guatemala and the dark fire of its volcanoes. Aged in casks that previously held Bourbon whiskey, Sherry, Pedro Ximenez wines, and a second time in re-charred Bourbon oak casks gives Ron Zacapa rich, woody, spicy, and smoky notes, and leaves a taste like no other. Zacapa owns the process from the cane to the bottle to ensure each bottle delivers an expert taste and mix. Zacapa Edición Negra is a rum that is bold in both flavour and appearance, and with a taste like no other.

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