Modesto Fine Liquer Triple 750 ML


Tasting Notes:

The nose offers a citrusy agave (yuzu, mandarin). The slightly sour, peppery cream is also present, while fresh white fruit and a hint of caramelised pineapple add a fruity touch. So we get straight to the point with this nose, which is well enhanced by its spicy aspect.
A few moments later, a bit of star anise and coriander give a contrasting greenness to this opening.

The palate is quite lively, well supported by its green character. Agave and coriander are at the head of the procession, quickly joined by black pepper and some notes of cream and leather. The bitterness of the citrus fruits is found on the second part of the palate, while the whole remains rather airy (ginger, fresh citrus fruits). On the other hand, the texture is quite oily.

The finish is soft and synthesises the main notes: agave meets peppery cream, citrus and a touch of coriander.

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