Magic Moments Original 750ml


Imagine a splash of electrifying music gushing through the veins and reaching the pounding heart that’s just coming to terms with a sudden rush of adrenaline. That’s Magic Moments! A frosted reality in which dreams take the driver’s seat and head straight for a destination called paradise. How does Magic Moments make it possible for you to embark on such lovely flights of fantasy. By choosing only the finest rice and other ingredients, and using the best processes possible, including filtering through champagne limestone to create a smooth and crystal liquid that’s more than just a drink. It’s a moment of magic in every sip!

Launched in 2005, Magic Moments vodka is rapidly moving to the top of its category. With its stylish packaging and cool attitude, Magi Moments has become quite a hit. Fondly known amongst its fans as M2, the word about Magic Moments is quickly spreading like a wave of fun that will sweep into your mind and make magic happen. And there’s a refreshing range of ways to make magic happen to. From sweet to spice, sour to berry, M2 will make sure that it creates the perfect drink for you and your taste palate. Every bottle of flavoured vodka has a twist to its taste. Be it classic berry or classic lemongrass, sinful chocolate or refreshing citrus flavours, all are presented with a revamped taste keeping intact the cultured taste of Magic Moments.

Because it is made from long grain rice, it is the most gluten-free process for Vodka distillation

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