Kura The Whisky – Rum Cask Finish 700ml


Helios Distillery produces a coveted 21 year old Japanese Rum and finishes this whisky in those exceptional barrels. Absolutely, one of a kind! Little do people know that they’ve been distilling their own whisky for a while and use their rum casks to finish this unique line. An interesting addition to the world of Japanese whiskey. Limited to 2,000 bottles worldwide, the Kura The Malt is a completely different expressions of Japanese Whisky. The smokiness of the rum finish is unique and adds a different type of sweetness than you find in sherry aged whiskies. This little number distilled by the Helios Distillery in Okinawa is sure to delight fans of Hakushu and Yamazaki. The Japanese peat has a lot of the same characteristics as Scottish peat, but availability is extremely limited. One of the easiest drinking peated whiskies we’ve ever featured that’s approachable yet brimming with character and finesse.

Nose: Toasted oak and a touch of moss, creamy lemon and soft malt.

Taste: Brown sugar, burnt oak again (now with a touch of earthiness to it), lime marmalade.

Finish: Rye bread and a touch of bitter grape.

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