Cantalici Baruffo Chianti Classico 750ml


Cantalici, “Baruffo” Chianti Classico DOCG – a rich dry red wine made from selected Sangiovese grapes grown in organic vineyards of the historic Chianti Classico area. After manual harvesting and careful sorting, the grapes undergo maceration and fermentation in stainless steel tanks for 15-20 days with constant stirring in order to extract the maximum amount of aromatic substances. After the fermentation process is over, the wine is aged 12 months in French oak barrels (70%) and in stainless steel vats (30%).

An interesting story is the name of the wine “Baruffo” . In one of the small villages of Chianti, three puppies were once born, very similar in appearance, but one of them was distinguished by a fervent disposition, shaggy hair and a love for a fight, in honor of which the Kantalichi family gave the name to their new pet – Baruffo (“fight”). When the universal pet turned 7 years old, the owners decided to give him a kind of gift, calling him one of their wines by the nickname, for whoever has never had a dog does not know what it means to be loved, and who has never drunk such wine, does not know what it means to be in love with wine.

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