Grappa Fumé Bottega is a product with a great personality, aged in wood barrels which have undergone a special smoking process. Its elegant and captivating packaging, a bottle with a delicate shape, symbolizes a drop of grappa at the moment of distillation.

Selection and care of the raw materials grant quality, freshness and perfect conservation of the pomace which originates this grappa. Grappa Fumé Bottega derives from Glera grape, an autochthonous vine used to produce Prosecco. The skins, perfumed and still rich in must, undergo three distillation phases with different temperature. The process takes place in traditional copper alembics, which allow for under vacuum distillation (greater protection of aromas), with bain-marie heating (indirect and therefore more delicate system), thus preserving the organoleptic qualities of originary grapes.

Grappa is then aged for 12 months in oak barrels produced with traditional techniques: freshly cut wood is left to dry in open air for at least 24 months. Staves are cut and assembled before undergoing an intense toasting. Depending on the kind of toasting, different chemical and physical transformations take place, bearing a different impact on the organoleptic profile of the distillate which will be stored in these barrels. Aging is a complex process that can only be managed at best thanks to the experience of the master distiller, ensuring the enhancement of sensory profile and personality of the distillate, which also acquires its typical amber color.