Bols Blue Curacao 700ml


Bols Dry Orange is a dark orange liqueur flavored with distillates of orange andlemon peels. This orange liqueur has a rich orange flavour with a dry and firmfinish. Bols Dry Orange is crafted by our Master Distiller with only naturalbotanicals

Bols Dry Orange is one of the oldest Bols liqueurs of which various recipes were inuse in the past. It was introduced at the World Exhibition in Antwerp in 1885when a journalist described it as: Nectar of the gods, distilled from sweetsugar from the West (Indies).

Sometimes overshadowed by the success of Bols Triple Sec, this dark orange liqueur isnonetheless the only ingredient to use for some of the world’s most importantcocktails, like the (Aged) Mai Tai or the Orange Collins cocktail.

Bols Dry Orange liqueur is based on molasses distillate and mixes very well. Thisorange flavored liqueur is famous for its unparalleled aroma and taste and itsbeautiful deep orange glow.

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