The Blurry Moon Gin, produced by the Gimet distillery, is a distillate characterized by precious characteristics and high quality.

Its processing takes place in the territories of Brittany, a region of north-western France, affected by a cool and windy climate, of an oceanic nature. Thanks to the consolidated experience of the Gimet distillery, active since 1929, the ancient tradition of Gin, born at the end of the 17th century in present-day Belgium, is pleasantly combined with a note of modern refinement.

The product, whose recipe still remains partly unknown today, owes its typical taste to the careful selection of the ingredients that make it up.

In addition to juniper, an element from which the name of the drink derives, other medicinal plants (botanicals) are used, in particular cinchona, an arboreal plant native to the Andes. These ingredients, subjected to the extraction of essential oils and distilled according to a secret process, contribute to making Blurry Moon Gin a feast for the senses and the palate.