Lenotti Pinot Grigio 750ML


With the arrogant Frog Tutti Frutti Blanc comes a first-class white wine in the glass. In this, it presents a wonderfully brilliant, light yellow color. This young white wine also flatters the eye with greenish-yellow reflexes The nose shows this arrogant Frog white wine all kinds of shade morals, lemongrass, grapefruits and plums. As if this were not already impressive, love sticks, juniper and green peppers are added due to the expansion in stainless steel.

This dry white wine from Arrogant Frog is something for wine lovers who prefer 0.0 grams of sugar in the wine. The Tutti Frutti Blanc comes quite close to this, since it was vinified with just 2 grams of residual sugar. On the tongue, this light-footed white wine is characterized by an incredibly crisp and light texture. The fruit acid of the Tutti Frutti Blanc is pleasantly restrained and makes this wine wonderfully smooth. The finale of this white wine from the wine-growing region of Languedoc, more precisely from Coteaux du Languedoc, finally inspires with good reverberation. The finish is also accompanied by mineral notes of the soils dominated by limestone and clay.

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