The Sauvignon Blanc grapes used to make this wine are from the Cotes de Gascogne PGI. The Gascony area is a vast wine-growing region famous for aromatic white wines: it is characterised by its temperate
maritime climate (warm, wet winters and hot, dry summers). This terroir produces wines with good acidity, freshness and vibrancy.

The Maison Castel team works closely with its long-term partners to make this wine. The parcels are carefully chosen to reflect the desired style of wine, the aim being to achieve optimum intensity and expression of the Sauvignon grape variety. Vinification is closely monitored: the grapes macerate in the press for several days, followed by cold settling for a week and racking at low temperature, all of which help extract aromatic precursors and encourage the development of thiol aromatics. Fermentation happens at 16° – 18° followed by a two-month period of ageing on lees which enhances the structure and exotic fruit character.