Kawashima is located in the middle of a very fertile area «so called – Rice basket of Japan, near largest freshwater lake in Japan – Lake Biwa. The area is known for its quality of rice and fresh spring water coming from Hira mountains. Brewery is founded by Mr. Kawashima in 1865 just few years before the last age of samurai’s. Situated in Shiga-city, Kawashima Shuzo Co. have been brewing sake over 150 years using a very special water source coming from a 600 years old water dwell collecting fresh and pure spring water from the beautiful HIRA mountains. Pine Flower Sake.. In Japan, Kawashima sake is known by the name “Matsu no Hana” which means “pine flower”. This name comes from the story that Mr. Kawashima had to cut down an old pine tree to build brewery. The founder had a strong attachment to the old pine and decided to call his sake Matsu no Hana.