This dry Riesling is Famille Hugel’s signature wine, which stands out for its finesse and clarity. The wine is an ideal partner for fish and seafood thanks to its wonderful balance and brightness. Dry and elegant, it expresses itself best on our steepest slopes with the most complex minerality.
Grown in the sun-drenched region of Alsace in the east part of France. Riesling, a normally late-ripening grape, thrives in this in climate expressing incredible aromatics and complexity, while still producing dry wines. They can pair with a multitude of foods with spice, acidity, richer fish dishes, to light, bright vegetable driven meals or even heartier fare.

For over 370 years and with 13-family generations the Hugel family has unrivaled experience and knowledge of Alsace vineyards and winemaking. Known today for their passion and modern outlook, the dynamic Hugel family, located in the picture-postcard fortified village of Riquewihr, has earned a worldwide reputation for their Alsace wines. From Hugel’s Grossi Laüe to Vendange Tardive, their wines are released only when the family agrees they are ready; the focus is ultimate quality. A first-time taste of these wines is a revelation.