Grand Marnier 700ML

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Grand Marnier Orange Liqueur is a brilliant amber and topaz tone, with an aroma of vanilla cognac nuances with hints of candied zest. It is bitter orange and balanced by cognac notes of hazelnuts and toffee with a long, harmonious finish. Perfectly served on the rocks and with Grand cocktails.


In 1880 Louis-Alexandre Marnier had the eccentric idea to combine refined French cognac with a rare variety of bitter orange from the Caribbean. It was the beginning of Grand Marnier.

The story of Grand Marnier is one of the loyal friendships between two bold innovators and ambitious men, Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle and César Ritz, the famous founder of the Ritz Hotel. When Louis-Alexandre created his recipe, he named it Curaçao Marnier. César Ritz came up with the name ‘Grand Marnier,’ “A Grand Name for a ‘Grand Liqueur!”

Louis-Alexandre immediately trademarked the iconic bottle — inspired by the silhouette of a traditional cognac still — the red ribbon and the wax seal. These elements became the signature of Cordon Rouge, still used today.

Oranges and cognac form an essential component of Grand Marnier’s unique flavor and lend an intriguing twist to the palate. In the 19th century, when Louis-Alexandre created our blend, oranges were an exotic luxury consumed mostly on special occasions. The aromatic Citrus Bigaradia is the only variety of orange used to make Grand Marnier. Distillery Notes


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