Bottega’s Panna Cotta Cream Liqueur combines the finest Alpine milk and real Madagascan vanilla, perfectly recreating the famous Italian dessert in a new boozy format. A splash of grappa is added just to heighten the aromatics. We love to sip this neat (consider dropping in some raspberries or strawberries) alongside fruit-based desserts or at the end of the meal in lieu of pudding entirely. It’s an incredible liqueur to use to up the creaminess of cocktails, or simply to drizzle over your favourite ice cream.

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow. In 1653, Andrea Bottega tended his first vines near the picturesque Molinetto della Croda in Refrontolo, Veneto. This farmer’s dream blossomed into one of Italy’s most recognisable brands, producing a dizzying array of glamorous Prosecco, Moscato, Grappa, liqueurs and spirits. Today, with hundreds of awards under its belt, the Bottega name is known and loved in 132 countries around the globe.