Apaltagua Gran Verano Carmenere 1.5L


Our entire vineyards are carefully tended with affection and with respect for the natural surroundings. The grapes in our Gran Verano Carmenere wine come from our own three vineyards in the Central Valley in Chile. The vineyards were planted in flat and low ridges in places with extraordinary natural conditions, perfect for the growth of grapevines.

Central Valley has a Mediterranean-style climate with a cold and rainy winter and a dry and warm summer. Marked temperature differences between day and night make ideal conditions for the growth of our wine grapes.

The grapes are harvested by hand in April when they have reached optimal maturity. The must is then fermented in our winery in stainless steel tanks with selected yeasts at temperatures ranging from 28° to 30° C (82° to 86° F) for seven days. The wine is then left to macerate for five additional days in order to extract its fruity characteristic. Finally, the wine is placed in stainless steel tanks for three months before being bottled and launched on the market.

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