Seeking out wines with dense fruitiness as well as structure to allow for longer ageing periods led us to the upper valley terroirs for the finesse and freshness of their grapes, which are complemented by grapes from the mediterranean and autan terroirs for added intensity and body.
A modern take on French Pinot Noir which draws upon over 150 years of Burgundian winemaking experience. The result? One of the best Pinot Noirs from France we’ve ever encountered in this price bracket. Bravo Bichot.
Two areas around Limoux and in the hills to the south, as the Pyrenees begin to climb, are the source for exceptional Pinot Noir grapes. Mixing grapes from these distinct terroirs meant it has to be a Vin de France.
A Pinot Noir wine which beautifully marries a dense fruitiness with enough structure so it’ll age gracefully. Entices you with aromas of blackberry mixed with sour cherry and raspberry, that cherry flavour on the palate too, plus hints of pepper and mint. Silky texture, and a long finish.